Join forces to combat nuisance neighbours

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A WOMAN who cannot find peace in her own home has a launched a campaign against one of the city’s biggest problems – nuisance neighbours.

In the wake of the Fishermead shooting, Nicola Kersey feels so strongly about anti-social behaviour that she is setting up an action group to help fellow victims.

The group will fight for better, tighter legislation, increased punishments for offenders and more accountability for houses of multiple occupancy. It could even have a slush fund to encourage residents to seek legal help, says Nicola.

“As a resident who has had to battle, and is still battling, with the authorities and the legal system to get action against tenants who have threatened us and who delight in intimidation and harassment, I want our input and voice to be heard,” she said.

“Our street was a quiet residential area, friendly and unassuming, until tenants moved into the area and made our lives miserable.

“If individuals stop feeling so isolated in their experiences of anti -social behaviour then perhaps we can really make a difference.”

Nicola has already written to the relevant government bodies asking for change in the law to protect householders with nuisance neighbours.

She is urging anyone with similar problems to email her at

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