Josh is ‘appy making money

joshua newton
joshua newton

A TEENAGER who has cheated death twice decided life was too short to study for exams – so he’s becoming a computer game millionaire instead.

Determined Joshua Newton left school in July before taking his A levels and began designing and programming his own game pp for iPhones .

Within weeks Apple snapped up his idea for Turtle Rage, an action-packed game involving a family of turtles captured by Dr Evil.

This week the 18-year-old launched a free sample of the game online, with an option to download the full version for 69p. And it was an instant success all over the world.

“I’m so proud of him. At this rate he’ll be a millionaire before he is 19,” said his dad Dave.

To Joshua’s family his success is particularly poignant. For they nearly lost him – twice. The first time was when he was just six years old and had an appalling head injury after falling from a bicycle.

“He split the major artery to his head and, without surgery, would have died within an hour. Afterwards the doctors warned us there could be brain damage,” said Dave.

But Joshua bounced back, only to cheat death again seven years later when he was a passenger in an aeroplane forced to make a dramatic crash landing.

“He was 13 and we were travelling back from holiday in Majorca when there was a catastrophic loss of cabin pressure. There was a very rocky emergency landing in northern France – but we survived,” said Dave.

“I think the two near misses changed his whole attitude to life. He realised that every day counts and you don’t need to follow the crowd to be successful.”

Joshua was halfway through sixth form at Shenley Brook End school when he decided to abandon his studies and set up his own business.

“I wanted to create my own future,” he said. “I decided iPhone Apps are the way forward.”

He formed My Games and now, with recognition from Apple, hopes to become globally recognised over the next few months.

Citizen readers can download a sample of Turtle Rage from the App Store on