Joss Searchlight to help children with brain tumours

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A NEW children’s brain tumour charity is hoping to make Christmas even more special.

Set up in May this year, Joss Searchlight offers support to families affected by a child’s brain tumour diagnosis.

Joss Parkes, the inspiration behind the charity, was diagnosed aged just four, with one of the rarest of brain stem tumours. He lost his co-ordination, appetite and ability to swallow, couldn’t walk unaided and finally he lost his sight. Joss went into respiratory arrest and died earlier this year.

Joss Searchlight has items from Disney to Star Wars, Meccano to Horrid Henry and Zhu Zhu Pets to remote controlled helicopters available. 

If you know a child with a brain tumour send an email stating the child’s name, details of the child’s condition, contact details and any toy preferences to