Julian has just days to live - do you know his next of kin?

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The friends of a man who has just days to live are desperate to get in touch with his next of kin.

Julian Taylor is currently in Milton Keynes Hospital, where he is being treated for cancer. The 51-year-old has lived in Milton Keynes all his life,

Now his brother-in-law Paul Addeson wants to find Mr Taylor’s sister, who he believes also lives in the city.

Mr Addeson said: “Julian was admitted to hospital only last week, with cancer of the osophegus. But he had a fall, and when they gave him an MRI they discovered a huge tumour, and realised that he has only got days to live.

“After my sister died a couple of years ago he had a heart attack, and with the condition he is in now either the tumour or a heart attack could kill him.

“He can’t even talk any more because of his health, and we are desperate to find his sister who we believe lives in Milton Keynes too.”

Mr Addeson believes his brother-in-law’s sister is called Sandra Taylor, and that she had an ex-husband called Kai. The couple had children in the city. There may also be an older sister who does not live locally.

Mr Taylor currently has a flat in Hodge Leas, but previously lived in Quantock Crescent, Emerson Valley.

Although we was not sporty he did care for horses with his late wife, and worked for Argos in Bradwell.

Mr Addeson said: “He is a lovely guy, very much a home-loving man.

“He loved motorbikes, and he had a small group of friends that he was close to, but otherwise he kept himself to himself.

“We’ve been back to his home and looked for an address book, but he can’t find his family’s contact details.

“If you’re out there, please get in touch before it’s too late.”

If you are related to Julian Taylor, you can call his brother-in-law Paul Addeson on 07598 275570.