Junior Rangers back to nature at conference

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Children from four schools spent the day with The Parks Trust’s education rangers at the inaugural Junior Rangers’ conference at Campbell Park.

Charles Warren Academy, Green Park School, New Bradwell School and Tickford Park Primary School took part in the programme which included workshops and a guided walk with the Community Rangers, a demonstration and tractor ride with the Direct Works landscaping team, and a session with the Education team where they learned about winter tree identification, played games and tried orienteering.

Caylin Gans, Education Assistant at The Parks Trust, said: “Junior Rangers are valued members of The Parks Trust team and we held the conference so that we could show them our appreciation, let them take part in some fun activities and get a better understanding of our work by seeing the Trust in action.”

The role of a Junior Ranger is to tell other children in their school about what they can see in their parks and how they can keep their parks clean, healthy and full of wildlife. Rangers have three main tasks: they read out a monthly parks’ bulletin in assembly, run competitions, quizzes and campaigns to raise awareness about issues in the parks, and set up and maintain a noticeboard with posters, pictures and maps.

Caylin said: “There are currently 23 schools participating in the Junior Ranger scheme and we’d love to see more schools joining in 2014. The scheme helps children engage with nature from an early age, giving them a better appreciation and understanding of the parks and wildlife. Junior rangers become great ambassadors for our parks and encourage their friends and families to value the wonderful green space we’re so lucky to have in MK.”

To find out more about The Parks Trust’s environmental education activities visit www.theparkstrust.com.