Just desserts for ‘too warm’ yoghurt load

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More than a tonne of suspect yoghurt has been seized and destroyed following a joint swoop by Milton Keynes Council and police officers.

Hundreds of cartons of the yoghurt were seized, being transported unrefrigerated on the M1 last Thursday.

Thames Valley Transport Police stopped the vehicle as part of a routine weighbridge check and it was found to be 28 per cent over its official weight limit.

On examining its load – mainly yoghurt – the police contacted enforcement officers from the council’s regulatory unit, who went to the weighbridge, at Broughton, to investigate.

The officers found that although it should have been kept chilled during transportation, the vehicle’s contents was above the legal temperature limit of 8°C for chilled dairy products.

Following discussions with the company, the food load of 1.14 tonnes was taken to the local Newton Longville landfill site, at the company’s expense, to be disposed of.

In terms of the lorry being overweight, the police issued a fixed penalty fine and immediately prohibited the vehicle from travelling to 20 delivery food premises in Luton, until the excess weight was removed.

Head of the council’s Regulatory Unit, Karen Ford, said: “Not only was the lorry groaning with nearly a third more of a payload than it should have, but the yoghurt itself was being stored at too high a temperature.

“This is a bad idea with food generally, but with dairy products it could have had some very unpleasant results indeed.

“One of our key jobs in the Regulatory Unit is to make sure unfit food does not enter the food chain, and firms must ensure that food is transported safely and in accordance with legal requirements.”