Keech Hospice Care gets great 21st present

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City-based FOSSIL has chosen to adopt Keech Hospice Care as its charity of the year for 2012 - Keech’s 21st birthday year.

The international brand, famous for its eclectic assortment of lifestyle and accessory items including watches, handbags, and clothing has donated £48,000 to the hospice.

The charity will use this money to maintain and services its hydrotherapy pool - a 16.5m pool, carefully designed to cater for the needs of the frail and disabled of all ages. Water is kept at a constant temperature of 34°C and the spa at 38°C, providing a lovely warm environment and there’s special sensory lighting, an underwater music system and a number of water fountains to make the experience all the more enjoyable. To ensure that it is fully accessible, the pool has hoists, ramps and a disabled changing room.

Mike Keel, Keech chief executive, has welcomed their support. “All our services at Keech are given free of charge to all our families. But “free” care costs, and we are 100% reliant on the support of the community to meet our costs. That’s why we need guardian angels like FOSSIL to support us with the day to day costs of running the hospice.

“Something as simple as covering the cost of our electricity bill, our maintenance costs or our printing bill – or as FOSSIL is doing, footing the cost of running our hydrotherapy service, makes all the difference to us.

“Although Keech is the children’s hospice for Milton Keynes, we’re not particularly well known there: so the adoption by FOSSIL and our other MK friends, is really welcome.”

Giles Bushby, Managing Director at FOSSIL, added: “FOSSIL is delighted and privileged to be able to support Keech.

“It is an important part of our corporate ethos to give something back to local communities and what better way than to forge closer links with such a special organisation as Keech.

“The work they do and the spirit they display is humbling and inspiring; it is one of our goals to foster this relationship in the long term.”

FOSSIL has also donated some handbags and watches to the charity for raffle and competition prizes so keep your eyes out for opportunities to win some of lovely goodies!