Keep Fit Association celebrates anniversary

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The Keep Fit Association will be celebrating 55 years of serving a nation of active keep fitters during 2012.

To mark the occasion on Saturday, June 9, more than 300 performers will take part in over 20 dance team displays at the prestigious Milton Keynes Theatre.

This will be a momentous occasion to celebrate the history and most importantly the future of a British organisation that has been delivering community based exercise movement and dance classes since 1926.

The Festival will be a dazzling spectacular celebrating the diversity of movement and dance that the KFA offers. The performances will encompass all movement, dance and exercise and will include items using apparatus such as ropes and ribbons. The Festival welcomes performers from all walks of life some as young as 5 with other performers tipping the amazing age of 84. This inclusive programme from the KFA will amaze, delight and entertain you with the variety of talents on display.

As part of the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership the KFA have invited partners to bring guest items including Street Dance, Cheerleading, Medau Movement and The Fitness League.