Keep fit - pole dance in the pool!

Now the weather's beginning to heat up and Spring is just around the corner, what better time to start a brand new fitness craze that's taking America by storm and is currently available right here in Milton Keynes?

Saturday, 12th March 2016, 8:00 am
Acqua Pole - new keep fit craze in Milton Keynes

Entrepreneur Michelle ‘Shelley’ Crack believes she’s the first person in the UK to import the revolutionary Aqua Pole technique.

Originally from Italy, this unique workout is not only a lot of fun but also strengthens arms, legs and the core as well as improving flexibility.

It’s suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.

Shelley, 49, from Nash, said: “I love the water and it’s such a great way for people to get out and get fit.

“The low impact and cardio benefits of exercising in water are well known. In addition, Aqua Pole is very social and great fun.”

She added: “I first came across it by chance on Facebook and was struck by the way it helps everyone get moving, even if they’re not keen on swimming.

“It’s basically pole dancing underwater, with the poles weighted to the bottom of the pool.”

There are more than 100 exercises based around the structures and these improve fitness, flexibility, posture and co-ordination.

Shelley, a mother-of-one, already runs a Swimkidz franchise, teaching swimming to all ages. In addition she’s qualified in aqua-aerobics, aqua-natal, synchronised swimming and diving.

She said she knew as soon as she tried it that Aqua Pole would prove very popular.

“It’s gone absolutely viral,” she said. “All my classes are booked out but I’m running £5 taster drop-ins at Easter.”

One of her most enthusiastic pupils is HR manager and graphic designer Cassie Gell, 47, from Nash, who took up the craze just before Christmas.

She said: “I cycle, do circuit training and Pilates. But this is amazing, it gives you such a good workout. It’s something completely different and I really love it.”

So does Barbara Kelly, 65, of Emerson Valley. She said: “It’s totally different and such fun. You use msucles you didn’t know you had and I’m hoping it’s going to get rid of my bingo wings.”

Aqua Pole classes are available on Friday evenings during term times at the Hilton Hotel. A six-week course costs £60.

> Call 07919 898353 or visit [email protected]