Ken Spooner featured on BBC child abduction probe today

Ken Spooner with Devlan and Caelan before the abduction
Ken Spooner with Devlan and Caelan before the abduction

A FATHER who has been fighting to bring his two boys home from Zambia after they were abducted by their mother appeared on a BBC Radio 4 programme today.

The Stolen Families, an investigation into international child abduction, aired at 12.30pm today on Radio 4.

In the programme, Beeb reporter John Waite investigates the growing number of international child abduction cases where a parent flees abroad with their children to keep custody and evade the law.

The show lasted 27 minutes.

Great Linford resident Mr Spooner, who is the subject of this newspaper’s Justice for Ken campaign, allowed his former partner Zanetta Nyendwa to take their two boys, Devlan and Caelan, on a holiday to the African country to see their grandmother in October 2008.

But despite promising to return, Miss Nyendwa remained in Zambia with the children – leaving Mr Spooner to contest a drawn out legal battle to bring them home.

He is currently waiting for a final ruling from the Zambian legal system which could allow him to bring his boys back to England. Earlier this year, the Zambian Supreme Court ruled he should be allowed to bring the children home, but Miss Nyendwa appealed the decision.

The case came to the attention of MP for North East Milton Keynes Mark Lancaster who is working to have the law on illegal retention changed.