Kidnap couple set sail again

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LESS than a year after parishoners at a local church were praying for their safety, sailing kidnap couple Paul and Rachel Chandler have vowed to go on another voyage.

And, after allegedly selling their story for tens of thousands of pounds, they have written a book about their ordeal.

The couple spent a terrifying 388 days at the mercy of Somalian pirates when their yacht was captured in the Indian ocean in 2009.

Every week villagers in Tyringham, where farmer’s daughter Rachel grew up, said special prayers in church for their release.

Parishoners and former friends of Rachel celebrated when the couple were freed in November last year, after a reported £600,000 ransom was paid by the Somalian community in the UK.

But the couple and their family refused to pass on their thanks through the Citizen throughout and even, at one stage, threatened legal action.

Instead a national newspaper carried their exclusive story and within months the book, called Hostage, was under way.

This week the couple spoke on BBC TV and radio about their plans to sail again.

They have repaired their yacht, called the Lynn Rival, with the help of a Kent-based marine company.

The boat was stripped of its high tech rigging gear by the pirates but is now being made shipshape again.

Mrs Chandler, 57, and her 60-year-old husband, told the BBC how they were planning another voyage next year.

“We decided some years ago that the boat was our home for as long as we were fit enough to maintain that lifestyle.

“It’s what we do,” said Mr Chandler.

Asked if they were worried the ordeal could be repeated, former Filgrave pupil Mrs Chandler said: “If you have an adventurous spirit, there are always risks.”