Killer freed to secret address

Gregory Davis
Gregory Davis

PSYCHOPATHIC double killer Greg Davis has been freed to live in the community, the Citizen can reveal.

The news comes less than eight years after the former Radcliffe schoolboy was ordered to serve an indefinite sentence at Broadmoor.

'Michael Rogers'''''Wk 9 MPMC

'Michael Rogers'''''Wk 9 MPMC

This week mental health officials were staying tight- lipped about where the 32-year-old is living and the amount of supervision he is under.

Relatives of his two victims, 48-year-old Dorothy Rogers and her teenage son Michael, have been assured he is not living in Milton Keynes and will not be allowed to visit the city.

Davis, described as an ‘English spree killer’ in Wikipedia, used his diary to plot his vicious murders in January 2003.

He wrote of his desire to kill ‘ad infinitum’ all over the world before visiting the Rogers’ Stantonbury home.

DorothyRogers''dorothy rogers murder2'''MPMC WK09 M11

DorothyRogers''dorothy rogers murder2'''MPMC WK09 M11

There he stabbed Dorothy 31 times with a carving knife then chased 19-year-old Michael to a children’s playground where he disembowelled him.

Davis, who came from a respectable Great Linford family, pleaded guilty to double manslaughter in December 2003, claiming diminished responsibility.

The judge agreed the former art student suffered a psychotic episode and ordered he be detained securely at Broadmoor.

Less than 18 months later Davis hired a costly human rights lawyer to fight for a transfer to the lower security Littlemoor hospital in Oxford.

He won the transfer in 2009 and afterwards family and friends were horrified to hear he was allowed out on unsupervised day trips.

This year they were even more appalled to hear Davis was campaigning for release.

“He blamed his bloodbath killings on a bad reaction to anti-depressants he was taken at the time. It’s like he had a bad day at the office and suddenly he’s cured,” said one furious relative.

This month Davis was formally granted a conditional discharge to move to a secret address within the community.

His psychiatrists say he will be monitored by Mental Health Services and “restrictive conditions” have been imposed upon his lifestyle.

Said the relative: “We have no idea where he is living or what these conditions are.

“We are disgusted Davis has been freed. But more than anything we are worried. How do we know he will not attack again?”