Killer’s letters reveal ‘hit list’

SOON-to-be freed killer Greg Davis has written letters from his psychiatric unit naming people who fear they were on his ‘hit list’.

Now dozens of people, mostly in the Great Linford area, are terrified for their safety should the evil 31-year-old return after serving just seven years of his life sentence.

They are among hundreds of protesters set to join a peaceful midday demonstration in City Square on Saturday to beg that Davis be kept locked up for life.

Meanwhile the Citizen can reveal that the killer’s letters, described as “bright and chatty”, never once contained remorse for his frenzied attacks on Dorothy Roger and her teenage son Michael.

“He wrote to me as though he was on holiday. Once he even said: ‘I am quite enjoying it in here.’ You would never think he had killed two innocent people,” said the recipient.

She has told how Davis even WINKED at her from the dock after the judge ordered he be detained indefinitely in a secure psychiatric hospital.

“Afterwards he started writing to me from Broadmoor, signing his letters ‘love from Greg’ as though nothing had ever happened,” she said.

“Only once he referred to his killings and he described them as ‘the incident’.”

Once Davis sent her a picture he had drawn with red and black crayons.

“It was crudely drawn, but there was something so violent and disturbing about it that it frightened me. I never opened his letters after that.”

More fears were sparked when the former art student, who worked at the local Co-op store, began mentioning the names of other friends and drinking buddies in his letters.

Today those people are convinced they too were on the hit list.

“I know my name has been mentioned in his letters and I would live in fear if he is freed. I will only feel safe if he is locked up for life,” one woman told the Citizen.

She, like many others who knew Davis, is scared next Tuesday’s Medical Tribunal will sanction his release.

Many attended his court case, and heard about his secret list of victims.

The first on his list, Stewart Johnson, only escaped because kitchen fitters were working in his home when Davis called.

Undeterred, he drove to the second on his list, former friend 48-year-old Dorothy.

He stabbed her 31 times in her Stantonbury home, then chased 19-year-old former friend Michael into a nearby children’s playground, where he disembowelled him.

This week another friend told how she unwittingly watched him draw up the list.

“He was writing in an expensive, leather diary that his father had bought him. I asked what he was writing and he said it was a shopping list.”

It was only later that she learned the diary contained the names of friends he wanted to stab, together with a vow to continue killing ‘ad infinitum’ all over the world.

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