Kinect to add x-factor to the ultimate robot

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A YOUNG engineer is hoping to develop the ultimate rescue robot – and win a major European championship.

Matthew Dodds, from Milton Keynes, is working as part of a team of seven students at the University of Warwick Mobile Robotics team to see if the new Xbox Kinect can help them with the navigation of their robot.

The team are hoping to emulate the Warwick students that won the European RoboCup Rescue Championship last year.

Matthew, who is an electronics engineer, said: “I feel privileged to be involved with such a diverse team of able individuals united under one common goal.”

Last years robot could crawl over difficult terrain, such as damaged buildings to rescue survivors.

But Matthew and his team have already started planning to improve it by adding an arm to carry supplies to survivors.

The first challenge the team face is to raise funds to go to the championships in both Germany and Turkey. They need about £20,000 for new robot parts, plus their travel costs.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the team should email