Knives sold to under 18s in police operation in Milton Keynes

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Shops in Milton Keynes were caught by police selling knives to underage children during an undercover operation.

Working in partnership with Trading Standards, officers conducted a number of test purchase operations on retailers across the city.

Students on work experience, who were all under the age of 18, attempted to buy a knife from a range of retailers.

During this operation two out of the four retailers tested sold a knife to an underage student. The retailers were provided with advice from Thames Valley Police and the details of the incidents shared with Trading Standards.

Police in MK say that you are four times more likely to be a victim of knife crime if you carry a knife yourself - as people feel ‘invincible’ and take more ‘risky decisions’.

A number of proactive activities were held across the city to tackle knife crime as part of Operation Sceptre last month.

Milton Keynes Neighborhood officers visited schools and colleges to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a blade.

Security and crime prevention advice was delivered to ten retailers in the city and Bletchley to raise awareness of knife thefts amongst retailers.

And special knife surrender bins were placed into sixteen police stations across the Thames Valley area, with 47 knives handed in during the week.

Six ‘weapon sweeps’ were also completed over a two day period to target knives concealed in public spaces for the purpose of being readily available for use in crime. It led to the location of a large knife within a home-made sheath in a public area in Bletchley.

Inspector Michael Morland, who was part of the team involved in the initiative, said: “I would like to pass on my thanks to all our local businesses who have embraced and supported this operation, as well as police volunteers giving up time.”

If you need to report a knife related crime to Thames Valley Police, then please call 101. You can dial 999 in an emergency if there is an immediate danger to life.