Laboratory supply firm helps students focus more on science

Denbigh School supported by Trajan
Denbigh School supported by Trajan

Students are looking forward to being able to carry out improved scientific investigations thanks to their school’s collaboration with a laboratory supplier.

Crownhill based company Trajan has provided Denbigh School with eleven new microscopes as part of a £1500 award following the school’s involvement in a product trial. In 2015, Denbigh School successful trialled a smartphone adaptor for microscopes - the MiPlatform.

During this trial, Denbigh’s Head of Science Anthony Brown found that the adapter enabled users to capture high quality images. He also discovered that it worked just as well with telescopes, proving perfect for taking pictures of a solar eclipse.

Trajan has since launched the MiPlatform to industries that specialise in pathology, diagnostics and medical research. Mr Brown said: “The new microscopes are a fantastic new resource for our students. It will enable them to carry out investigations in our science laboratories, which will include the examination of blood cells, lung tissues and mitosis.”

Headteacher, Andy Squires, said: “Two years ago we were excited to be asked to get involved in trialling Trajan’s new innovative microscope adapter. The presentation of the company’s award for the time and effort put in by the Science Faculty was much appreciated by the school. Building working relationships with local businesses, such as Trajan, helps our students understand the relevance of what they are learning in the classroom and how this transfers to the workplace.”