Labour councillors work with fire service to ensure safer communities in Milton Keynes

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue service have responded to concerns by local labour councillors about the problem of cars parking in a way that would make access for emergency vehicles difficult in the event of a fire at Petwort House sheltered housing scheme, in Great Holm.

Monday, 3rd July 2017, 4:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:58 am
Carole and Zoe

In a letter to Zoe Nolan on June 17, The Fire Service said: “Crews visited Petworth today and similar to Chalgrove Field have noticed potential places that could cause concern for access of emergency vehicles.

They have placed a couple of our large signs onto the lamp posts in Petworth which I hope will have a positive effect and remind owners of vehicles to park responsibly.”

Great Holm community campaigner Carole Baume is particularly worried about access around the Petworth House Sheltered Housing scheme.

“I am very concerned that people are parking badly in and around Petworth House Sheltered housing scheme,” she said.

“The scheme has 34 flats and is occupied by older residents with a range of support and care needs. In the event of a fire the Fire and Rescue Service must be able to access the property quickly and easily.”

Councillors who regularly visit the scheme are worried that poor parking could make it difficult to reach the scheme.

Carole Baume added: “I am pleased the Fire service has taken this initial action of putting up road signs. I believe most residents will take notice and the parking problem should go away. People will hopefully park with more consideration. ”

Councillors have also been concerned about parking in Chalgrove Field, Oakhill.

“I have looked at the parking here. People come in off Otterburn Crescent and park in the first turning they come to. It is causing problems for the residents of Chalgrove, but also blocking access to the rear of the secure training area at the rear of the prison,” councillor Nolan added.