Labour’s prospective MP criticises Autumn Statement

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091628001

A prospective MP has described the Autumn Statement as a “missed opportunity”.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, criticised the £91billion deficit, and said it was a missed chance to invest in the NHS, including a new A&E for the city.

He said: “With all the discussion on the NHS this week the Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity for the government to bring to an end the delay over a new A&E in the borough.

“With waiting times up, pressure on hospital budgets and concerns about GP appointments, Ministers could finally have a given a green light for our new A&E and improvements in our local NHS.”

Emily Darlington, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes North, added: “Mark Lancaster’s boss announced a pre-election headline grabber with recycled funds to the NHS and GP surgeries.

“There is no excuse for this money not to go on tackling the urgent NHS access crisis in Milton Keynes and reopening Willen Village Surgery, which has been closed for more than a year.

“Almost a third of local people say they are waiting more than two weeks to see their GP in Milton Keynes yet that reality is ignored by our MP in Westminster.”