Land transfer may pave the way for a new Bletchley splash park

Image of a splash park in Gosport
Image of a splash park in Gosport

A ‘splash park’ attraction for Bletchley could have moved a step closer after Milton Keynes Council agreed to devolve management of land despite residents’ objections.

The splash park would be at Rickley Park and would offer water fountains and other fun activities during the summer months.

City councillors approved the transfer of ownership of the park to West Bletchley Council when they met on Tuesday evening, April 22.

However, the water park proposals by the Bletchley council sparked objections from neighbouring residents who fear it would attract anti-social behaviour and create parking problems.

One wrote to Milton Keynes Council, stating: “The proposal is for a Splash Pool to be located within 1-2 metres of properties with music, sound, bubbles, underground lighting for spring/summer and ‘dry play’ in autumn/winter.

“We would highlight any such application... would create significant parking issues (and) would cause significant anti-social nuisance to neighbouring residents.”

A survey by West Bletchley Council showed 78 per cent wanted a splash park but only 51 per cent agreed Rickley Park was the best spot.