Landlords left out-of-pocket by missing letting agents

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standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

THOUSANDS of pounds of rent and housing deposits appear to have gone missing after Thomas and Company Rentals mysteriously closed its doors earlier this month.

The company, run by Paul Collins and Louise Thompson, was based in Witan Gate West in Central Milton Keynes, but has shut up shop and stopped taking calls. The Citizen has received several phone calls from angry customers, expressing fears ovwe money owed.

One customer, who works overseas, said he was due three months’ rent and returned to Milton Keynes to confront his tenants, only to be told he had the wrong people.

He said: “They proved to me that they had been paying the rent, on time, every month, to Thomas and Co.

“I was shocked. I had been using them for seven or eight years to rent out my house, and never had any problems. But recently, I’ve had to chase them to get the rent owed to me, but you just cannot get hold of them.

“It’s an outrageous situation to be in – I’ve had to fly back to England to sort this out.”

Another said that he has tried contacting the company for weeks and was having no luck.

“I have tried every form of communication possible, bar a carrier pigeon, for weeks on end,” he said. “They constantly used what others have reported, evasive tactics, excuses, promises made and broken.”

Their website also claims that it is ‘under maintenance’ but the company profile is still available, and reads: “Tenants also need to be confident that they will receive the highest level of service. Landlord or Tenant, we will offer you a tailor made service to meet your needs.

“Our staff are dedicated to providing an experience that you will want to recommend to a friend.”

Trading standards officers at Milton Keynes Council confirmed that they have also received complaints about the company, but couldn’t comment further as the case was ongoing.

The Citizen has tried to contact the owners of Thomas and Co Rentals for a comment, and they have failed to respond.