LATEST: Adil killer jailed for minimum 16 years

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THE man who fatally stabbed teenager Adil Basharat with a golf club has been jailed for a minimum of 16 years after he was unanimously found guilty of murder.

Adam Moore, 20, of Bridge Road, Cosgrove, delivered the fatal blow to Adil with the shaft of a broken golf club during an attack outside Kingsbrook School, Deanshanger on November 19 last year.

The club was thrust into his pelvis, severing the main vein, and Adil died from his injuries two days later.

It was revealed in the trial, which started on July 18 at Northampton Crown Court, that Adil was attacked with a golf club and crutches, in error, by a group of four men on November 19 after they mistook him as one of two men who had committed a drugs robbery in Wolverton a month previously.

However, the drugs had been stolen by another boy whose name was also Adil.

The defence team had claimed that Adil’s death was an accident but not murder, and had also claimed that it was Adil who had originally started the fight.

Co-accused Freddy Wilson, 20, of Glebe Road, Deanshanger; Daniel Anderson, 20, of Horsefair Green, Stony Stratford; and Jake Batten, 22, of Mallings Road, Deanshanger, were acquitted of the murder and manslaughter but convicted of violent disorder.

The charge relates to the attack on Adil’s two friends, who cannot be named due to their ages.

The court heard how the three boys were attacked with weapons including a golf club, crutches, a screwdriver and a metal bar.

Billy Billingham, 19, of Kingsfold, Bradville, whose robbery sparked the revenge attack, was acquitted of the single count he faced of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

The eight women and four men of the jury, who were charged with deciding 10 verdicts, were released by Judge Charles Wide QC after six hours’ deliberation on Friday and continued yesterday.

The judge told the jury: “What I’m going to do is let you go home now for the weekend and we’ll meet again on Monday. Because you are a deliberating jury, I have to say a few words.

“You must not talk to anyone outside of your number about the case and do not allow anyone to talk to you about it. It’s only natural people will be curious and want to now about it. Just say the judge says you cannot talk about it. Try to put it to one side over the weekend and come back Monday refreshed.”

Around 1pm yesterday the eight women and four men of the jury returned their verdicts on the charges

It was the prosecution’s case that Moore – who admitted delivering the fatal blow – Wilson, Anderson and Batten were responsible for killing Adil by joint enterprise.