Lawyers get cheeky at Milton Keynes County Court

editorial image

A cheeky spat between lawyers at Milton Keynes County Court has been recorded in the official visitors’ book.

After one forgetful lawyer left allegedly confidential documents in the advocates’ room, a colleague wrote a ticking off in the book.

The entry said it was “not acceptable” for such documents to be left.

A wag then added a reply: ‘Kiss my ass’. He or she toned it down with an exclamation mark.

The entry was photographed and reached the website Legal Cheek.

The website stated: “A reader submitted this image to our tip line yesterday, explaining that the image was taken in the ‘passive-aggressive goldmine that is the Milton Keynes County Court advocates’ room visitors’ book’...Judging by the vernacular, it appears that MKCC was playing host to a guest American advocate on the day.”