Lazy parkers making life a misery in West Bletchley

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Inconsiderate parking by motorists in West Bletchley is making life difficult for residents, say councillors.

Drivers are parking on pavements, verges and in front of other people’s driveways, particularly in Bushy Close, said Labour councillor Mick Legg.

Enforcement action over poor parking is currently confined to CMK, and elsewhere there can be confusion over owns land and where it’s permissible to park.

Councillor Legg is calling for 
enforcement action to spread to lazy parkers in West Bletchley.

“The constant behaviour of a few people is making life very difficult for other residents as well as causing damage to grassed areas,” he said.

“I want to see enforcement action taken to end the problems of 
inconsiderate and poor parking. It would be a good first step.”

This could mean fines for the offending motorists, or even badly-parked cars being towed away.