Leaflet man in dog letterbox disaster

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A professional illustrator whose finger was almost bitten off through a letterbox is urging dog owners to be more responsible.

Michael Enfield’s cat had gone missing and he was taking the advice of vets and the RSPCA to circulate leaflets containing his pet’s details around the neighbourhood.

“Many of the letterboxes had the brush attachments in them so it was difficult to poke the leaflets through. You have to slide your hand right through the brushes to get a thin piece of paper in,” he said.

Michael was struggling to deliver one leaflet when a dog at the other side of the door suddenly bit his fingers.

“There was no warning – the dog didn’t even bark. It wouldn’t let go of my hand for what seemed like ages,” he said.

Michael’s shouts eventually prompted the dog to release its grip and the apologetic owners came to the door.

With one finger bitten through to the bone and his knuckle disconnected, he was taken to the plastic surgery unit at Stoke Mandeville.There he underwent surgery to put the joint back in place.

“It will take weeks to heal. I’m a designer and illustrator and at the moment I can’t even hold a pen properly.”

Police can do nothing because the dog was on private property.

Michael, 53, is now urging all dog owners to fit cheap wire baskets on the back of their letterboxes to prevent more accidents.

“If it had been a child’s hand the finger would have been lost,” he said.