Legend in Japan hold Pity Party

Legend in Japan
Legend in Japan

LEGEND in Japan are bringing their alt-punk direct to the Craufurd Arms tomorrow night, as part of their debut UK tour.

It’s a return home of sorts for lead singer Shabby – who used to knock around these parts some years ago, and played in Krum.

But those days have been long swept away, and now LiJ are where it’s at.

The quartet first pooled resources and talents last Spring and have spent the past few months spitting and polishing on their work, getting it all shiny ‘n stuff.

Now, having already stage-shared with artists including Rancid, Kids Can’t Fly and The Skints, the band launch their UK trek at the Wolverton gig-haunt.

They issued their debut EP, Welcome to the Pity Party back in November to thumbs up all round, and now want to ’inject a bit of old fashioned belief back into the stagnant swamp that is the UK music industry today.’

“We have a motley crew of supporters from a variety of age ranges, genres and spectrums of pure mentalism,’ Shabby told us, “...and the shows are always fun.”

Legend in Japan won’t be out on their own, mind – this brief flash around the UK is a co-headliner with Drones –and is being sponsored by a Scandinavian beer company, which ain’t bad.

If you want to catch new talent on the rise, this is a date to make.

Doors open at 7.30pm and the entry fee is redundant at this show, meaning you get in for nowt.

THE regional final of the MMG Band Competition is being hosted at the Sno!bar in Xscape this Friday evening.

Bands plugging in, sounding out and hoping to make it through to the big final will be The City is Ours, Gekko, Love Fiend, The Wondersmiths, Hand Me The Receiver and city urchins Project Noise...be sure to raise the roof (in a vocal sense) when they stage step.

Tickets are on sale at six quid and you get them by visiting www.wegottickets.com

Good luck PN!

PROFESSOR Green, below, becomes the latest A-lister to visit MK next month.

Catch the Prof, who is currently working towards his third album, live at Wonderworld on February 16.

The first 100 tickets are on sale at £10. Visit www.discoverwonderworld.com/mk

IF tribute bands rock your world, you’ll burst with excitement this weekend, when The Craufurd Arms presents the three-day Und-Load Festival.

Slipknot, Rammstein, Pantera, Lamb of God, System of a Down, Motley Crue, The Prodigy and Coldplay will all be imitated.

Day tickets are £8, or plump weekend tickets at the special rate of £18.

Doors at 6pm.