Lender of unsecured loans opens new branch in Milton Keynes

The UK's largest non-standard branch-based lender of unsecured loans has opened its doors in Milton Keynes, offering the opportunity to discuss borrowing needs in person with the experts.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 2:30 pm
Everyday Loans branch opens in Milton Keynes - Yvonne Moran, Jon Dunning, Garry Smith (Branch Manager), Andrew Wayland (Marketing Director) and Shannan Jones

The Everyday Loans’ branch is located on Silbury Boulevard and takes the network to 64 in the UK and a total 50,000 borrowers – the company opened its doors in the city on Monday, April 16.

The company says it will provide customers - many of whom have had difficulty paying bills or getting access to credit or managing their money in the past – with a professional and friendly environment to discuss their finances.

Committed to responsible lending, it offers a case-by-case approach, tailored for each individual, ensuring that they can comfortably afford repayments.

Garry Smith, manager of the new branch, said: “We have a wealth of financial services experience and our management team knows what it takes to deliver a straightforward, face-to-face professional service. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs on a human, personal level, which online processes and algorithms can miss. It’s this personal approach that engenders trust and builds long-term relationships.”

Managing director, Jon Wiggins, said: “Of course, we take credit history into account, but we believe each of our customers should have the chance to build a creditworthy future. We also support them throughout the repayment period and, if after six months the risk has reduced, we do all we can to improve the terms of the original loan.

“It’s this highly personalised approach that makes us most proud - and is indeed the basis of our expansion. Our unique business model and the calibre of our account managers means we deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and we’re very much looking forward to supporting the people of Milton Keynes with their lending needs.”

For further information on Everyday Loans, visit https://www.everyday-loans.co.uk/ or call 0808 231 5453. @everydayloans.