Lesbian lover denies attempted murder

Leng Hie Tiong
Leng Hie Tiong

A city Chinese restaurant worker was stabbed by her lesbian lover in a row about money.

Leng Hie Tiong, who worked at Zen Garden, received a “life-threatening” laceration to the neck, a court heard this week.

Charged with attempted murder is 53-year-old mother of two Chooi Cheung.

Cheung helped Malaysian-born Ms Tiong after she was detained in a detention centre for working illegally in the UK, Luton Crown Court heard.

Ms Tiong told the jury: “We developed a sexual relationship, She was my girlfriend.”

But after seven years things turned sour when Cheung feared her lover would return to Malaysia without paying back £38,000 she owed.

The court heard how Ms Tiong returned from work to her home in Fishermead’s Padstow Avenue two weeks before Christmas to find Cheung’s BMW parked outside.

The pair talked then climbed into a bunk bed.

Aided by a Mandarin interpreter, 38-year-old Ms Tiong told how she woke in the early hours when Cheung got up to use the bathroom. When she returned, she was armed with a knife, she said.

“She was using a knife, pressing it against my neck. At first I thought it was her fingernails. There was blood on my body and I screamed. The knife was in my mouth. I was screaming.”

Other residents in the shared house were woken between 6am and 6.30am by screaming.

Zen Gardens restaurant manager Mr Lee, who lived upstairs, found both women bleeding.

Ms Tiong told the court she had tried to grab the knife from Cheung but had not attacked her.

Both women were taken to Milton Keynes hospital.

The jury heard the relationship between Ms Tiong and Cheung, who denies attempted murder, had been “somewhat volatile” and money was a point of contention.

The court heard Ms Tiong claimed asylum in the UK on the basis of her homosexuality, saying she would be persecuted if she returned to Malaysia.

She told the court: “I did not lie – that was the truth. Malaysia cannot accept homosexuality and my family cannot accept it”

The case continues.