“Lets Cha-Cha!”

Main cast of Dirty Dancing at MK Theatre.'Charlotte Gooch (red dress), Paul Michael Jones, Emily Holt.
Main cast of Dirty Dancing at MK Theatre.'Charlotte Gooch (red dress), Paul Michael Jones, Emily Holt.

EVERYONE can remember the time they first saw Dirty Dancing, and every girl certainly remembers falling for the chiselled looks of a smouldering Patrick Swayze, as he took Baby by the hand, led her round the dancefloor and took her on the romantic trip of a lifetime...

Stepping into those Swayze shoes is a big job, but one that Paul-Michael Jones has slipped into nicely.

For the past 10 months he has starred as Johnny in the stage production, which means he’s got to look good AND deliver that fancy footwork!

“The first 15 minutes on stage are absolutely crazy for me,” he says, “Non-stop, so I have to stay strong and be fit for it...”

And that fitness regime includes three or four visits to the gym each week, and not so much extreme sport activity as he would like.

“...but I did go horse-riding the other week!” he laughs, “...and I want to visit Go Ape while I’m in Milton Keynes.

“These longer stints are nice because you get to explore an area, and you just can’t do that when you are only in one place for a week or so.”

Before stepping into acting, Paul also enjoyed a successful career as a Latin and Ballroom dancer

“Dirty Dancing was just the kind of film I watched as a youngster,” he admits,

“...Although I know that if I go wrong with my lines, the audience will help me!”

One thing he doesn’t forget is his moves, luckily for his co-stars Emily Holt and Charlotte Gooch.

“Every now and then you might miss a leg or something, but after nearly a year of doing it, we have really gelled together and know each others’ bodies and reactions, so if something goes wrong we know how to react and get out of it.

“Everything always goes well with the major lifts though...touch wood!” he laughs.

Manchester lad Paul trained for his craft in Surrey, and that training paid off – the show has been cast through to June 2013 and Paul has signed up for the whole season.

Performances of Dirty Dancing continue through to Saturday May 26.

Why should you go see it?

“It’s the perfect show to go to – it is uplifting,” he says, no pun intended.

“The atmosphere is great and it takes you back to when you were young...it’s feelgood!”

For ticket bookings call 0844 871 7652.

TREASURE Island airs at Stantonbury Campus on Sunday afternoon, in a production by Uncontained Arts.

Enjoy comically cheesy characters, a pongy parrot and one-legged Long John Silver in search of Captain Flint’s buried treasure.

Stir up the aforementioned ingredients to make a frantically funny high seas adventure, perfect for kids aged four years and over.

If you don’t book seats for your brood, you might end up walking the plank yourself!

Tickets are £7.50 and £5.50.

Call MK 324422.