Letter from Leah handed out on wet sponsored walk

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A GROUP of runners braved the rain to raise money for a 10-year-old with a life threatening condition.

Leah Gallagher-Park was born with cerebral palsy, but took to a wet and miserable Willen Lake with a group of 40 of her friends and family on Sunday for a sponsored run, handing out letters to fellow people at the lake, spreading her message.

She needs to raise in excess of £8,000 to get therapy from a top doctor in Poland. Leah previously visited the doctor when she was just five-years-old, spending six hours a day in therapy sessions to help her walk and hopes to go back for further treatment.

In her letter, Leah said: “At the minute I have got casts on my lower legs to try to stretch the muscles.

“I will be having them replaced with splints soon but with the help of the Polish therapist I will be able to be free of them and walk again.

“If I go on long walks, I take my wheelchair because my legs won’t allow me to go too far.”

Leah has enjoyed support from a number of friends and family, and even teachers from her school have joined in the fundraising to get her the help she deserves.

Leah’s mum, Helen Gallagher-Park, said: “We have some schools helping to support our fundraising with St Mary, St Giles and the Radcliffe School already on board helping with lots of ideas.

“We haven’t got a confirmed amount yet but we are looking at somewhere in the region of around £2,500 for Sunday’s walk.”