Letters to the Editor: October 3 edition

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The following letters were published in the Milton Keynes Citizen on October 3

Our school ethos is values led

Open letter to Grace Gladwin, reference Parents and teachers to form new school, Citizen, September 26. We are writing on behalf of the Southwood Governing Body, our staff, parents and pupils.

We were outraged by your comments relating to Conniburrow and your perception that our pupils lack opportunity and success in what you describe as a ‘socially deprived’ area.

There was also an implication our ethos and curriculum were not what they should be.

We recognise your right to try to provide an alternative to existing schools but were shocked by the patronising and divisive tone of your message.

For the record, Southwood (as indeed is the other school on Conniburrow) is graded good by OfSTED with outcomes at least in line with and in many cases higher than national expectations and progress that is above average.

Our ethos is values led and our curriculum vibrant. OfSTED commented, ‘there is a high level of harmony and mutual support across a wide range of cultures’.

It also stated ‘leadership and management are good. The skills and strong determination of leaders and governors has meant the school has focused on reaching high standards and improving progress.’

It is a pity you did not check your facts before making blanket statements on the quality of the education provided in the area. You have done a disservice to our children and our community.

Elna Hughes, chairman of governors / Bryan Schram, headteacher

Relief Strictly MK is allowed to go ahead

It was with absolute horror that I learned of the BBC threatening our local StrictlyMK charity fundraising dance event with an injunction, due to the use of the word ‘Strictly’ in its name.

I understand with great relief that the threat of the injunction has now been retracted and that the event will be permitted to go ahead as planned.

Approximately 20 children from our school are taking part in the StrictlyMK Junior competition, and, along with several members of staff, have spent many, many hours rehearsing their routines, by coming into school during their summer holidays, and also practising before and after school. I have been immensely proud of their dedication and hard work.

I also agreed to take part in this event as one of the ‘celebrity dancers’, as a personal challenge to myself. My dance partner is a young student, who travels from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex several times a week to train with me – a four-hour return journey each time – again, at his own expense.

Everybody who is involved with this event is giving up their own time, with the sole intention of putting on a great event in order to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan Cancer Support and Willen Hospice.

The organisers should be commended for co-ordinating such a wonderful event.

Cathy Higgins

Proud of Strictly MK

We are writing to express our horror and disbelief at the fact that the BBC tried to change the name of an event to raise money for a cancer charity and a local hospice.

We, the children of Oxley Park Academy, have given up our summer holiday and free time to practise our dance moves for the Strictly MK competition.

Everyone involved with Striictly MK has chosen to do this to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research and Willen Hospice. How ridiculous would it have been to change our name to something else less than five weeks before our big performance?

It would also have been a huge expense to get T-shirts and promotional advertisements reprinted.

We all enjoy watching Strictly Come Dancing and feel proud of the standard we have achieved and to be part of Strictly MK.

Year 6 pupils, Oxley Park Academy

Strictly negative

We were disappointed to learn the BBC threatened to take out a legal injunction against Strictly MK, a charity event undertaken by local primary school children in aid of local charities.

We find it hard to believe the BBC would consider the use of the word Strictly is copyrighted to them only and would have thought it would wish to be seen as an avid supporter of such an event.

The BBC’s response, had it not been retracted, did not seek to support a local charity event and would have put the programme in a bad light.

Name and address supplied

Make your political point

The “establishment” did a wonderful job of diverting attention from the UKIP conference where excellent speakers highlighted UKIP’s aims and aspirations which I guess frighten the life out of the LibLabCons. Thank goodness they can be viewed on YouTube.

UKIP are not made up of charismatic career politicians trained to handle the media, most are normal people who have had enough of being misrepresented by individuals wanting to promote themselves rather than their constituents.

I hope that voters will realise this and join UKIP in electing sensible representatives. I also hope sufficient decent people decide to make a stand and offer themselves as UKIP candidates.

We are sick and tired of being misrepresented by the political classes who ignore our wishes.

David Tavener, Milton Keynes

Recycling is so easy

It’s now been a month since I put my black sack out for the rubbish men to collect; the reason being I recycle as much stuff as I can because Milton Keynes Council makes it so easy to do.

Pink sacks are delivered to your door; tins, paper, cardboard and even cloths can be put in them and they are collected (guaranteed), every week. So well done to the council for keeping up the good idea.

My only complaint is, why do so many of my neighbours have no pink sacks put out and about nine black sacks every week when recycling is so easy.

Mr M Pinner, Great Linford

Royal Navy cadet call

The Naval Cadet Corps is opening a brand new unit at Emberton Park, Olney. The unit wil be called TS Albion.

It opens on Monday, October 21, with Parading Monday and Thursday evening sessions to be held from 6.45pm to 9pm on a weekly basis.

We are recruiting both male and females from the ages of 12- 18 and have lots of exciting activities to offer including sailing, canoeing, camping, rock climbing and orienteering.

The main objective is to teach young people to become good citizens and hopefully pursue a career in the Royal Navy.

For more information call Commander Dave Moth on 07732 325728.

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Children from Shepherdswell Academy were over the moon to visit Gulliver’s Land in lesson time under new history curriculum guidelines that enable them to study dinosaurs.