Letters of the Week: Chief fire officer should be ashamed and Iain Stewart praised

The top letters sent to the Milton Keynes Citizen this week.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 6:00 am

Chief fire officer should be ashamed

What a disgusting hypocrite Jason Thelwell is. He’s awarded £20,000, not far off from what a trainee firefighter is paid for a year’s work.

So now we have a Chief Officer preoccupied with cutting costs and services to the population of Milton Keynes. Shame on him for putting all of us who live here at mortal risk.

Iain Stewart MP

The Chief Officer is the highest ranking officer in the fire service, and thus should be setting an example of leadership and support to his men. My husband was a firefighter for 28 years and in all that time never received a bonus or a thank you, actually. He put his life and subsequent health on the line on a daily basis.

And to see he gets £30,000 in pension contributions is unbelievable considering the rank and file firefighter has just lost his pension to bureaucratic mismanagement.

He should be ashamed of himself and give the bonus to the benevolent fund for firefighters who struggle to make ends meet.

Mrs Graham

Iain Stewart MP

by email

Iain Stewart is an excellent MP

I read a recent letter advising Iain Stewart that he was no longer wanted.

I have never previously voted for a Conservative candidate but I would have no hesitation in voting for Iain Stewart in the next election.

I have sent him many emails and he has always investigated/responded in an exemplary manner.

So, in keeping with a previous letter, I wish to advise Iain Stewart that there has been a mistake and he is very much appreciated and still wanted.

Eamonn Young

by email