Lewis Hamilton opens Mercedes-Benz’s new Silverstone driving centre

MERCEDES-BENZ launched its new Driving Experience Centre at Silverstone on Wednesday.

The car giant, whose headquarters is in Tongwell, unveiled the training centre, which boasts a fleet of dual control cars and will aim to teach important car control skills, such as pulling away at junctions, steering through corners and roundabouts, braking, reversing and psychological skills.

Lewis Hamilton. Photo by Jamie Lorriman.

Lewis Hamilton. Photo by Jamie Lorriman.

Guest of honour at the launch was McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton – along with school children from nearby St Loys School in Lois Weedon.

The kids – including 15-year-old Ella Gray from Milton Keynes – were also given the chance to try out the cars,

Ella was even driven round the track by former F1 champion Lewis.

She said: “It just been an amazing experience, I’m almost speechless. I didn’t know at all until 11 o’clock this morning that I was even coming here. And my grandfather’s a big F1 fan,

“I got into it through speaking to him about it. To actually get in a car with Lewis Hamilton was the best thing, absolutely amazing.”