LGBT wars break out as two clubs compete for business in Wolverton


An LGBT war has broken out in Wolverton, with one club accusing the other of stealing its trade.

The founders of Exclusive LGBT, a monthly event for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, are insisting: “This town is not big enough for the both of us.”

Sean Porter and Jamie Bond set up successfully in the cellar at Old Wolverton’s Galleon pub two years ago, offering a “safe and secure” environment for club goers.

Recently they moved to Wolverton Top Club in Western Road, where they run Exclusive club nights on the first Saturday of every month

But the Galleon changed hands and the new landlords, same-sex couple Hannah Slade and Lauren Hamer, announced they were relaunching the LGBT night - with the same name.

Sean said: “It’s not fair. They’ve stolen our name – Exclusive – and they’ve even used our catchphrase “safe and secure.” And now they’ll be stealing our trade too.

“This is only a small town and there’s no room for two LGBT nights.”

Hannah however has dismissed the complaints as rubbish.

“We did call ourselves Exclusive LGBT but now we’ve amended it to a night exclusively for the LGBT community. I think the words safe and secure are used universally and they had no sole rights.”

Hannah, who will offer club nights with guest drag queens on the last Friday of every month, believes there is plenty of scope for two clubs

“It’s like saying there’s no room for two pubs, or two karaoke nights,” she said.

The Galleon’s LGBT nights will be launched in the cellar bar on Friday September 29. Special guest entertainment will be provided by drag queen Son of Tutu.

The next Exclusive LGBT night at the Top Club will be on Saturday September 2 with dance and party music. Follow the club on Facebook under Exclusive LGBT.