Lib Dem admits Milton Keynes councillors may have to resign over rapist scandal


A leading Lib Dem has admitted the councillors embroiled in the rapist cabbie scandal may have to stand down.

Councillor Ric Brackenbury says Stuart Burke, Subhan Shafiq and Gladstone McKenzie should all resign as councillors if they have lost the public’s confidence because of their part in allowing a convicted rapist to drive a city taxi for three years.

Councillor Ric Brackenbury

Councillor Ric Brackenbury

Mr Brackenbury told the Citizen: “Any councillor only serves as a representative of their electors with their consent.

“If they have lost their confidence or no longer wish to continue, the cost has to be balanced against the lack of effective representation in that ward.”

Mr Brackenbury, who represents Campbell Park and Old Woughton, has even gone as far to suggest the public should have the right to sack councillors.

He added: “MPs are discussing recall measures at the moment – maybe it’s time to look at similar measures for councillors to give power to our residents to withdraw that consent, should they wish.”

His admission comes the week after a full council meeting saw Stuart Burke, the former licensing and regulatory chairman, announce he had “no intention” of resigning - as it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“I came third in my ward so I’m up for re-election in May anyway. I have no intention, at this point, in resigning because I don’t believe that we want to waste your money having a by-election over this issue.

If the councillors involved were to step down by Friday, November 7 then MK Council could have a by-election within 35 days.

But if left any later the by-election cannot be held and instead the vacancy will be filled in May 2015.

Last week city MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster called for immediate resignation of the disgraced ex-mayor Mr Shafiq following a Citizen investigation linking him to an alleged immigration racket which provides false documents for foreign workers.