Lib Dems outline demands to help form deal to run next Milton Keynes Council

The Liberal Democrats have outlined their demands to back either the Conservatives or Labour to run the next Milton Keynes Council.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 4:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10:41 pm
The Liberal Democrats, pictured at last Friday's election count, have outlined their terms

With no party in overall control following Thursday's elections, discussions have been ongoing ever since to work out who will form the next administration.

Although the Conservative party now have the most seats (24 compared to Labour's 21), the Lib Dems could still make a deal with Pete Marland's Labour party.

Now Douglas McCall, who was re-elected Lib Dem leader at a meeting last night, has reached out to both parties.

The Lib Dem list of demands includes support for the expansion of the city to population of 500,000 by 2050, an endorsement of Plan:MK as submitted, more expenditure on litter picking and landscaping, and effective devolution to parishes.

They also want a commitment to there being no grammar schools, more affordable housing and social housing, investment in children and adult social care, a low carbon agenda and acceptance of the current Medium Term Financial Plan.

Councillor McCall said: “While no party has a majority on MK Council we are reaching out to the other parties to work with us on the big issues that affect MK.

"We have put to the other two parties some key points that we want them to commit to in order to get our support in forming an Administration on the Council.

“We look to working positively with others to secure stability on the no overall control council."

New Conservative leader Alex Walker told the Citizen he had 'no real issues with the requests made by the Liberal Democrats' and has requested meetings to discuss 'how to take that forward'.

They also confirmed that they would be tabling a motion to remove Pete Marland as council leader at the annual council meeting on May 16.

Cllr Marland meanwhile said: "We have seen the list (of the Lib Dem terms) and we will discuss it as a group.

"I think there aren't any real surprises in the sense that the Lib Dems make a big deal on local issues and on housing.

"The situation is exactly the same as it was last week in that the council has no overall majority.

"We will make the Lib Dems an offer and sit down with them. We have to have these discussions and I think they are going about it in the right way."