Lib Dems will be watching the Tories like hawks

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NEW leader of the Lib Dems, Councillor Sam Crooks, has said that the Lib Dems will be watching the Tories ‘like hawks’ during their time as leaders of the council.

Sam was re-elected as leader of the Lib Dems after their annual general meeting on Monday, May 9, with Councillor Douglas McCall voted in as his deputy.

Councillors Robin Bradburn and Ric Brackenbury were voted in as chairman and secretary of the group respectively.

Speaking about the outgoing leader, Sam said: “We owe Cec a great deal as he skilfully steered the council through its first year of significant cuts and I am proud that the Lib Dems ensured that we kept services to vulnerable people across the Borough.

“We will be watching the Tories like a hawk to make sure they do not cut services to vulnerable people when they bridge the £17m gap that the Tory led Government has insisted we must achieve in the coming year.”

Councillor Andrew Geary, leader of the Conservative group, said he is looking forward to working alongside all of the parties over the coming years.

He said: “I have always had the utmost respect for Sam and for Cec and felt they always represented Milton Keynes in a positive way.

“Both men will serve as a hard act for anyone to follow. However, now they will be formidable opponents and we look forward to maintaining that strong relationship.

“We want to work together to make sure we keep up with Milton Keynes as it grows and not let it grow too fast for us to deal with.”