Life is a Catwalk: Can you bear to bare on the beach?

Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.
Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.

AS summer finally makes an appearance we are encouraged to don swimwear to make the most of the sunshine – but how do you look your best when you’ve got nowhere to hide?

Summer season strikes fear in the hearts of many a Brit, when we are suddenly expected to be reduced to the skimpiest of outfit choices, after eight months in the shade.

We all worry about being wobbly in places we shouldn’t be and, of course, the ideal situation would be to eat very healthily and take lots of exercise in the lead up to beach-time – but if that sounds too much like hard work, there are other ways to make the most of what you’ve got.

Firstly, and most importantly, is swimwear selection. No matter what your shape, there is a style to suit.

If you are the classic British pear-shape go for plain dark bikini bottoms and a patterned, textured or embellished top to draw the eye upwards.

If you are curvy, choose a swimsuit that makes the most of your favourite asset and either shows off, or creates, a waist.

Ladies who are busty with narrower hips need to opt for maximum support in bikini or tankini tops, and shorts or larger briefs for balance.

If you are lucky enough to be slim or ‘boy shaped’ you can got for a more frivolous and playful style with patterns and ruffles to give the illusion of curves.

To get your skin prepped for exposure, body brushing is a great way to release toxins and improve the condition in cellulite-prone areas and a gradual tanning moisturiser can be used to build a natural looking tan slowly. Make sure you slap on the sunscreen and drink lots of water. And most importantly, enjoy the sunshine – no one will be scrutinising you, because they’ll be too busy worrying about their own beach-bod!

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