Life is a Catwalk: Dear men of MK, beware...

Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info
Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info

THEY say honesty is the best policy,

but when it comes to the question

that women always ask their men-

folk: “How do I look?” - is there ever a

right answer?

Dear blokes, all of you. If the woman

you love, your best female friend,

your mum, sister or aunty asks your

opinion on an outft, beware!

There are two types of question:

number one ‘how do I look?’ which

(read the tone of voice) most often

translates to ‘you-really-should-have-


you-haven’t-mentioned-it-yet’. So you

are already in the bad books. Making

a comment now about how that

particular skirt makes her look a bit

frumpy is not going to go down well.

She thinks she looks good, but just

wants some reassurance, everyone

likes a compliment. Say something

nice, you fool.

Now there is the second type of

question: “Does my bum look big in

this?” “Does this shirt make me look

manly?” “Do I look ridiculous?” – the

tone, again, will tell you all you need to

know. Most likely she already thinks

she looks less-than-her-

best and you have two

options: agree or disagree.

If you disagree because

you think she looks

gorgeous, you already

know she isn’t happy in

what she is wearing, and

therefore isn’t going to feel

confdent. If you agree there is always

the risk of offence.

I’d recommend telling the truth,

but doing it gently – if you honestly

like the outft, tell her, and ask why

she feels uncomfortable in it. She

may come up with the solution

to her wardrobe dilemma herself,

for example, adding a statement

necklace to draw attention away from

a problem area.

If you know it looks bad, the classic

“If you are not happy with it, why

don’t you wear (insert favourite item

of clothing) you always look great in

that.” In either case you’ll be a winner.

Men of Milton Keynes, please tread

carefully in this minefeld. Good luck.

Love, Alex.

Ladies, if you are reading this and

wishing your man could use such tactbrandish this paper under his nose

– hopefully he’ll get the hint.