Life is a Catwalk: Great designers, great price

Outfir from the H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams range
Outfir from the H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams range
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DIFFUSION lines, that’s designer collections made especially for the mass market and sold at a fraction of the price, are a funny thing.

With high-end designers we like to think that serious time and consideration has been taken over the clothes that go out under their names and the expensive price tags reflects this.

But most of us mere mortals can only dream of owning these labels, which is why diffusion lines are so popular.

For us, there’s a reduced price tag and a wider choice and for them, larger orders of stock and an ability to tap into the lucrative high street – it is easy to understand their appeal.

These high-end brands can reach out to a market that formerly couldn’t afford their wares. Including me.

I admit I have fallen prey to a diffusion line or two in the past, most recently the ‘H! By Henry Holland’ line for Debenhams.

I entered and won a competition to have my picture included in a limited edition print for the range, which this month appeared on both a bag and a scarf, so I had to buy them really – didn’t I?

What do diffusion lines mean for us though?

Essentially we can get a flavour of the catwalk on the high-street, and at a much cheaper price.

Sure, they might not be made of the best fabric, they certainly aren’t one-offs, and we can assume slightly less time is taken in their creation, but to be able to wear an item associated with your favourite designer, without bankrupting yourself, can be a thrill none-the-less.

Just bear in mind, even on the high-street, a designer name can bump up the price tag, so don’t just rush to buy something just because it has a label – or your face – on it, decide whether you really love it first.

> DIFFUSION: Outfit from the H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams range and, inset, the Who’s that girl’ bag