Life is a catwalk Head over heels when it comes to shoes

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SHOE shopping seems to cause one of two reactions in most women – elation or fear. For me, I’m somewhere in-between.

As a teen I hated shopping for shoes. Hated with a passion. From the age of 14 I had size seven feet, and it was hard to buy fashionable shoes appropriate for school that didn’t look like boats.

Every summer would end with the terrifying shopping trip, being dragged by my poor mum around town, hunting for school shoes.

As I got older my hate for shoe shopping continued and, as such, whenever possible, I spent most of my time in trainers.

I wore heels for nights out, the occasional boot in the winter, and wedges in the summer, but that was where I drew the line.

Then I fell in love. I can’t place quite how or where it happened but over the course of just a few months I became enamoured with shoes. Finding a bargain pair of red vertiginous heels started me off, after which shoe shopping became an addiction. Feeling down, depressed or bored, a new pair of shoes would brighten up my day.

The higher the heel, the more outrageous the colour and design, the better. I suppose you could say I’m a phobic shoe shopper convert. Under pressure, when I need a pair for a special occasion, I still don’t like shoe shopping, but if it is about impulse purchase, I’m there.

Now I’m the sort of girl that can get a shopping fix anywhere, but what is it about heels that make them such a special fix?

It is how you feel when you put them on, and by that I don’t mean the searing pain in the balls of your feet or the toe crushing agony. It is the fact that even on your most down day, a fabulous pair of heels makes you feel sexy. End of story.