Life is a Catwalk: Is there such a thing as a ‘style for life’?

Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.
Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.

NATURAL goddess, pin up, cutesy, lady-like or grunge, there are so many styles to choose from, but is it possible to stick to just one, for life?

As teenagers most of us experimented with different styles, trying each one for size, gauging the reactions of our peers, and our own feelings to see whether the look would stick and make it to day two.

We experimented with our hair, long, short, blonde, brunette. All the time searching for ‘our style’ – something that fitted us, that suited us and that said something, anything, about us as individuals.

Some people found their look early on and some found theirs, good or bad, without even realising it. It may surprise you to learn that I envy them. The people who can walk into a shop and instantly know whether something is ‘them’, who have their own tightly coiled set of rules which define their style, wardrobe and look. I envy them, because, at 25, I feel like I haven’t yet found my style for life.

Yes, I have a rough set of guidelines my wardrobe follows but they are beyond flexible. One day I’ll be in an 80s shirt-dress, leggings, and big plastic jewellery, the following day it’s jeans, a T-shirt and trainers, the next a 50s shaped halter with heels and red lippy. I was once described as a fashion chameleon and I guess that would be a fair observation. I just can’t decide who I want to be. A hard, funky rocker, a vampy retro queen or a floral girly-girl?

I feel like I have forever been reaching out for my definitive look, but it has always been just beyond my grasp. I guess it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint your own style when staring in the mirror, but one friend recently pointed out to me that my constantly changing look is ‘my style’. I guess she is right, I’ve been doing it for long enough.

I suppose the message is, even if you don’t realise it, and it isn’t particularly defined, you probably do have your own style.

Changing it to make your look a strong and defined one – now that is the real challenge.