Life is a Catwalk: Let’s hear it for the boys....

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WOMEN often complain of having nothing to wear, despite having a wardrobe-full.

If that sounds like you, spare a thought for the fellas...

I’m sure my man won’t mind me revealing that when we first met he wasn’t what you’d call fashion conscious. Fashion unconscious maybe. There was an incident with a party-going dinosaur T-shirt that particularly sticks in mind.

I also have a friend who up until recently had never bought himself any clothes – his mum had done the job, which had then been taken on by an all-too-willing girlfriend. Now it wasn’t the case that either of these lovely blokes didn’t care about their appearance. It was just that they were never given the tools, or the confidence, to shop successfully for themselves.

When I started going out with my man I took him shopping and once we found some clothes that suited him, and more importantly, fitted him, he actually began to enjoy hitting the shops. And that was the crucial thing. He was shopping for himself, I wasn’t dressing him like my own personal Ken-doll.

The mistake many people make is thinking that all blokes can just walk into a shop, buy something, and it will fit them perfectly.

Wrong. Just like us girls there are lots of different boy-body shapes, and the only way to work it out is to try stuff on. To begin with my man was adverse to the changing rooms, but six years down the line, he knows it is the only way to buy pieces that are worth having.

Now he knows what he likes and what suits him. And he looks damn good for it.

It is easy to forget that although we have lots of styles to choose from, we do have the help of countless magazines, Gok, our girlfriends and personal shoppers. And our fellas – well, they’ve got us.