Life is a Catwalk: New Year, New Style

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AS a new year kicks off, perhaps 2011 is time for a new style and perhaps a new perspective.

Style is something very personal, and although we can predict trends and fashions, try as we might the ability to ‘be stylish’ is not something that can be bought.

That is unless you are a millionaire and have the number of a top celebrity personal stylist, and even they get it wrong sometimes.

My personal style is ever evolving. I used to use September, the start of the new school year, as the time to reinvent myself. “This year I will be cool, popular, attractive, envied...” I would dream as I sauntered into school with a new coat, pair of shoes, bag and hairstyle. An hour later I would realise my efforts were all in vain, nothing had changed, and I was still bottom of the pile.

The problem was, I was trying to change my style for the wrong reasons, it wasn’t until some years later I realised even if someone did like my bag, shoes or hairstyle, it didn’t mean they liked me

It was with that minor teenage revelation that I began to dress for me, and not for others.

I’m forever reinventing myself – that hasn’t changed – and it has lead to some seriously questionable clothing choices, major style faux-pas and even being referred to as a fashion-chameleon.

But I gave up caring whether other people thought I was cool, and instead my styling choices became a reflection of my personality, fun, quirky and a bit bonkers.

So if one of your resolutions this year is to change your style in 2011, do if for you, not for anyone else.

Sure, gather tips, advice and keep your eyes peeled for trends, but when it comes down to it, choose clothes that make you smile and make you feel good.

Because happy, confident people always look the most stylish.