Life is a Catwalk: Seeing red to get ahead

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YOU may have noticed, by way of my head-shot, that I’m no longer a blonde. I am a fiery red-head. But what difference does a hair colour make?

Aged 16 I dyed my hair blonde for the first time – gone was the mousey child and I was a grown up, off to college with a long swish of honey-gold hair. It gave me a bolt of confidence and I still believe I owe my romantic dalliances during that time, to those long blonde locks.

In fact blondes in general turn heads, and when, over the years I have had short flirtations with being brunette and also a dark redhead, I felt I became invisible.

I’ve heard others tell similar stories. Maybe that is why I always came back to blonde, like a thermometer returning to room temperature after a brief fluctuation.

As my haircuts got more radical in more recent years it bounced from golden, to icy white, to grey and back again, but it has always been firmly on the blonde spectrum.

It was where I felt most like me. Then I got bored, and dyed it purple.

This was a mistake, it make me look a little more insane than I like. My confidence took a dive, so it was time for a change again.

I wanted red. But not pillar-box, I wanted orange. I wanted to be ginger. I have the fair skin and the blue eyes, gifted to me by my mum and gran’s side of the family, but sadly I didn’t also get the red hair they were both blessed with. Thankfully though, I have a good hairdresser.

My new colour is slightly darker than I planned, but I’m enjoying being a redhead.

Am I less ditzy than I was as a blonde?

Do I have a wilder temper as a red-head? No, of course not. But I do feel confident again and not at all invisible.

Any colour that makes you feel like that has got to be a keeper.