Life is a Catwalk: Sell, donate, store or keep?

Illustration for Life is a Catwalk by Lizzie Bailes
Illustration for Life is a Catwalk by Lizzie Bailes

WHEN it comes to clearing out your wardrobe, how do you tackle the piles of clothes without drowning or giving up all together?

I’ve recently moved house. Or at least I’ve moved out of my old house and am currently in limbo waiting for my new house sale to go through.

I blame this for making me take a really hard look at my clothing collection. To my boyfriend’s two boxes of clothes I have five, or is it six?

I’m sure many reading this will feel my pain, when the time comes to throw out old clothes I can’t help but hang on to things I perhaps shouldn’t. As far as I’m concerned, you never know when you’ll need a pair of old dungarees, a fuchsia prom dress or a collection of mis-shapen T-shirts.

After being subjected to a wardrobe clear-out for a Style feature a few months ago I had already made a good start, but moving gave me an opportunity to clear further.

Clothes I hadn’t worn for 12 months I tried on and the rejects were split into three groups – sell, donate or store.

If it was something I couldn’t bear to part with (I’m a sentimental fool) it went into the ‘store’ box.

My own mother gifted several of her old items of clothing to me, and I suppose I hope I can do the same for my future children.

The ‘sell’ items were those that I didn’t want to keep but were really on-trend for the current or next season, have designer labels, were expensive or vintage, as all of these sell well online through auction sites.

‘Donate’ items were those that really had to go, but were still in good enough condition to be reused so went to a local charity shop.

Of course there was one last pile – that went straight in a black bin bag.

After living out of a suitcase for several weeks I’ve realised I can survive with a lot less clothes, and I think when I unpack my boxes I’ll do some more sorting to make room in my wardrobe.

Room for new clothes, obviously.