Life is a Catwalk: Spring into new season’s wardrobe

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SPRING has sprung, or so my calendar tells me, and with the new season comes the shedding of layers and the promise of sun. So why am I clinging on to my thermals?

It isn’t that I dislike the warmer months, I like the sunshine, and can’t abide being cold, but I have to admit I much prefer my winter wardrobe.

So it is this time of year, as spring starts to show its face that I fret; just how long can I hold on to my tights, my thermals and my many layers?

Normally I give myself until the end of April until I fully ditch the tights – after which they only come out if they are super-fine sheer ones.

The heavy winter coats get put away around the same time, and boots too. By May I’m in my spring/summer attire.

So why the fear? With many layers of clothes I feel like I can trick the eye, by dressing to flatter my body shape. Therefore the less layers, the less trickery, and the more flesh!

Of course I don’t abandon layers altogether – this is the UK, after all. I just wear less layers and thinner ones. However, this year I plan to fully jump into spring with both feet. Perhaps I’ll even ditch the winter warmers sooner.

To get excited about new season style I’ll be scouring catwalk images, magazines and the shops to get inspired, and hopefully find some confidence-boosting clothes too.

There are lots of great trends for this season from 70s and 50s themes to rock chick and the all-white approach.

That should give me something to look forward to.

The only real spring/summer concept I am actually eagerly awaiting is dropping the hood on the convertible I bought in the winter and haven’t had the chance to appreciate yet.

Of course big sunglasses and a headscarf are summer items I’ll be more than willing to try out.