Life is a Catwalk: The Face of Midsummer Place

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WHEN it was suggested that I write this week’s column about The Face of Midsummer Place, I though yeah, why not. Then I remembered, I’m The Face of Midsummer Place.

Let me rewind a bit – I entered a competition to be The Face of Midsummer Place.

Now despite its misleading title this competition was not looking for a model, it was looking for a presenter for the shopping centre’s online channel, Fashion TV.

Now I’m no model, but I can certainly talk for England, or whichever country is paying (PS they are not paying).

So I submitted a picture and in less than 100 words had to explain why it should be me.

In brief: I work in the industry, I love fashion and I’m a friendly-ish northerner.

Not sure whether they have a soft spot for northerners but I went through to the next round where I had to film a 30 second fashion video. With the expert help of our video guru Natalee Hazelwood we created a whirlwind tour of 70s fashion, cramming three key items to get the look, a shopping spree and a wardrobe-change into just half a minute. My video, and that of my competitor, were released on to Facebook and the public voted.

Maybe the public also love a northerner or maybe Natalie’s video just wowed them into submission, but somehow I emerged victorious. I’ve now been tasked with hosting the seasonal shows which will feature top brands from Midsummer Place, plus other bits and pieces on their Fashion TV.

It won’t be long until we are hunting for the next Face of Style – now that is a modelling competition – and therefore I’ll be very happy to be behind the scenes.

When it comes to Midsummer Place’s show, with the force of Style behind it, it will hopefully be a big success.

Plus it puts my master plan for world domination right on track...