Life is a Catwalk: The fashions men love to hate

Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.
Illustration by Lizzie Bailes visit for more info.

AS fashion-loving females we sometimes make style choices not understood by men, but why do they hate the fashion we love?

There are certain styles men will never ‘get’, I used to think this was a privilege reserved for high fashion pieces – you know the type of thing, a theatrical African-style headdress, Lady Gaga-style two-foot high shoes requiring constant supervision or a dress made entirely of long yack-like hair. But it turns out there are also less adventurous styles that can strike fear in the heart of men folk. Here are my top five:

1. Dungarees, jumpsuits and playsuits. Maybe it is something to do with the fact babies wear all-in-ones, or that they are tricky to get into or out of, maybe it is just the unappealing idea that you have to get completely naked to go to the toilet, who knows.

2. Ugg boots. Lets face it Ugg boots may be comfortable, but they are about as far from sexy as cottage cheese. Here I have to agree with the men.

3. Fashion hair cuts. They don’t mind long, they don’t mind mid-length, short is even now mostly acceptable, but if it is too ‘fashiony’ or radical they aren’t interested. Shaved sides, bright colours and OTT accessories are a sure fire way to scare most blokes.

4. Vintage. Not all vintage, but a lot of men don’t get why we’d want to wear someone else’s old clothes, especially when they are several decades old. If the bloke in question is over 35 he also won’t consider 80s vintage.

5. Men’s clothes. Generally they don’t want to wear our clothes so why would we want to wear theirs? Sadly they don’t get how chic it is to pair a men’s white shirt with skinny jeans – they just wonder where their wardrobe has gone.

The moral of the story is to avoid these men-scarers when on dates, and when you go out with the girls wear a man’s tee, 80s dungarees, Ugg boots and an over-sized hair bow – at least they’ll understand.