Life is a Catwalk: The Liver birds

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Different areas of the country, never-mind the world, have different lifestyles, but when it comes to fashion, is there a north, south divide?

Last week I visited Merseyside, where I was born. Yes, dear readers, some three months into our relationship, comes the shocking revelation that I am a northerner, not only that, I am half Scouse, half Manc.

I moved down to Milton Keynes four years ago. It was only on a trip ‘home’ that I was reminded of the roots of my personal dress sense, on a night out in Liverpool. Liverpool, former capital of culture, home of The Beatles and Albert Dock, but if you live in the region, you’ll know that Liverpool is also the capital of style. I have never been anywhere better dressed - forget Paris and London - the girls in Liverpool may as well be walking the runway every night.

It isn’t just about wearing the latest fashion, it is about generally taking great care over your appearance, particularly for the renowned night-out.

On a Saturday daytime you shouldn’t be surprised to find girls traipsing around in PJs, rollers and no make up, but if you saw them four hours later they would look ready for the red carpet. They don’t mind being seen in their pre-partywear, it just shows their dedication to the cause.

When I moved to Milton Keynes I did dress-to-the-nines for nights out and was surprised by the difference. I was overdone, I mingled with people in everything from jeans and flats, to full-on party frocks, but on the whole there was a much more relaxed approach to evening attire.

So I’m not sure whether there is a north, south divide when it comes to fashion, but I get the feeling Merseyside may just be in a league of its own. If you ever fancy a really dressed-up night out though, you really can’t beat one with the ladies of Liverpool.