Life is a Catwalk: The Rules

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READ any fashion publication and you are bound to come across an array of ‘fashion rules’ but which ones are worth sticking to?

Horizontal stripes are only for the slim, short people shouldn’t wear big hats and red and green should never be seen, just a few of the rules we are told as fashion followers.

I see their point, those who perpetuate these rules, but there are exceptions to them.

Horizontal lines aren’t always unflattering, hats come in as many shapes as people do, and Christmas elves look rather fetching in red and green...

Regardless of what we are told are ‘the rules’, most of us come up with our own set of guidelines, even if we don’t realise it.

I have a friend that never wears blue and black together, because the colours are too similar, one who only ever wears matching underwear, in case she gets hit by a bus, and another who never wears jeans, because she is far too lady-like.

I, too, have my own set of rules, I never wear black and brown together as I believe they belong to separate colour palettes, I also never wear gold and silver jewellery together for the same reason. When wearing leggings I always wear them with a longer top or dress for modesty.

I also abhor the wearing of both Uggs and Crocs, but don’t get me started on that topic.

My point is, the rules we are told and the rules we decide ourselves, help us get dressed in the morning and define our own style.

But, as far as I’m concerned, there is only one universal rule, and that is: dress for your body shape and size, because if it doesn’t fit you, the most beautiful outfit in the world can look like a dog’s dinner, post digestion.